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Who's cottoned on?

This page features organisations, brands and retailers who've signed up to show their support for organic cotton. If you want to know where you can actually buy organic textiles, visit our Where to buy page.

  Logo - Fairtrade

Fairtrade is committed to transforming the lives of cotton farmers and supports organic farming as a means of protecting the environment.


People Tree 

More than 70% of People Tree clothing is made with 100% Organic Certified Cotton. Organic soil is sexy too: it's healthy, and holds the rainwater like a sponge, protecting the crops and farmers from climate change. Usually cotton is grown on soil as hard as tarmac, but our farmers' soil is springy underfoot. Organic cotton farming has brought some of the control back to farmers and their village. They have their own organic seed banks, they have clean water, and their children go to school. Most importantly they have organised themselves and are challenging the exploitative trading system and the multinationals that keep them poor. 


Logo - Textile Exchange

The mission of Textile Exchange is to inspire and equip people to accelerate sustainable practices in the textile value chain. In the world of cotton agriculture, we promote fairly traded organic cotton, as the gold standard


Logo - Pesticide Action Network UK

PAN has supported organic cotton for more than two decades, during that time we have trained thousands of small farmers and seen it transform their lives for the better. Organic cotton allows growers to make a living without endangering their - or their families' - health and without damaging the environment. It really is a win-win solution.


Logo - Environmental Justice Foundation

By removing toxic chemical pesticides from production, organic cotton empowers farmers - protecting the health of their land, families and wider community.


Cotton Connect

CottonConnect work with retailers and brands to create sustainable cotton supply chains. We support organic cotton, a production system that uses no chemical pesticides or fertilizers and where the whole supply chain is certified. CottonConnect work with our customers to develop long term, committed relationships with farm groups in South Asia and China; addressing for example seed integrity and capacity building.


Logo - The Sustainable Angle

The Future Fabrics Expo shows many organic cotton textiles. Long gone are the days where one had to compromise on style as a responsible fashion person.


Logo - The Organic Herb Trading Company

It's time we all woke up to the damage that can be done by growing cotton with toxic insecticides and fertilisers, and gallons of precious water. We supply organic dye from the amazing indigo plant which perfectly complements organic cotton: beautiful, natural and planet friendly.


Logo - Populi

We support GOTS, since we love the quality of organic cotton and the benefit that it brings to people and environment.


Logo - Redox

For a sustainable environment, for a healthier mankind - be cottoned on.


Logo - JMB

There is no cheap clothing!! The question is who pays the difference between the cheap retail price and the actual costs??


Logo - Otto

Organic cotton farming verifiably avoids genetic manipulation, fertilisers and toxic substances. The processing of organic cotton in accordance with GOTS provides the highest possible safety regarding harmful substances and occupational health and safety. Textiles labeled with the GOTS logo do not only offer an added value for consumers but also for everyone involved in the textile value chain, the environment as well as the people in the mostly very poor producing areas.


Logo - Socila

I started this initiative at the age of 68 because I am convinced that organic cotton should replace conventional cotton cropping all over the planet.


Logo - Cocccon

We support organic cotton, not only because it's good for ground water, environment and health of the farmers; but also our own health. Organic cotton is best not only for our skin, but also for the whole ecosystem.


Logo - Glo Organic

At glo, we believe in the simple concept of "do well by doing good". We want our customers to have the assurance that our bed, bath and baby products have been made in ways that are both socially and environmentally responsible. This is why all our products have the GOTS symbol which is the gold standard for organic textiles.


Logo - Black Star

As a T-shirt printer we sell a lot of T-shirts every day. We try to convince our customers to choose organic cotton to protect the environment. Today you can find organic cotton products in a lot of different styles and colors, basic and fashionable, and the price is competitive. We are proud to be one of the first textile printers in Europe who offers GOTS certified screenprinting on T-shirts.


Logo - Textile Konzepte

We support GOTS because we want to treat our fellow men and environment with respect!


Logo - LamuLamu

LamuLamu is clothing for a sustainable future. Since 1998 we have been committed to organic cotton and humane labour conditions, no exploitive child labour, social minimum standards, and fair wages and prices in the textile and clothing industry. Organic cotton is the basic step in the supply chain. No pesticides, no chemicals! For the health of farmers, pickers, textile workers and consumers!


Logo - Lebenskleidung

Don't panic be organic!


Logo - Remei

Under the hallmark of the bioRe® quality label, Remei AG has turned a vision into reality. The vision is to manufacture fashionable textiles from fairtrade organic cotton in a controlled and transparent chain of production. All stages of production, from organic farming through processing to finished products, satisfy stringent ecological and social requirements audited by independent institutions.


Logo - Gardeur

We focus on organic cotton and process it according to special GOTS criteria because we care about sustainable economic management and environmentally conscious consumption. The label GOTS provides utmost transparency for our customers and for ourselves.


Logo - Memo

As a holistic, sustainable company, people, the environment and climate are at the centre of our activities. Our range is selected according to strict environmental and social criteria. We only use 100% certified organic cotton for our natural textiles. The GOTS certification ensures that the entire value chain of our textiles meets the highest requirements. Thus, our customers can rely on buying a completely 'clean' product - from the raw material through to finishing.


Logo - Hirsch Natur

Organic cotton is the perfect material for our new hosiery collection dyed with natural plant-based pigments. Natural colors and sustainable natural fibers, what matches better?


Logo - Organic Weave

Organic Weave manufactures GOTS certified organic cotton rugs as well as yoga rugs and yoga bags. Our company believes that chemically-free rugs made from sustainable agricultural production is a good step towards a healthier home.



We use organic cotton because we appreciate the principles adopted by GOTS. These guide and educate farmers in getting high yields with the help of organic fertilisers in order to increase the fertility of the soil and improve the quality of raw cotton.



Use organic save earth


Shakthi Knitting 

In our manufacturing of organic textiles and apparels, we practice the GOTS standards of organic cotton and sustainable processing as a contribution of our company to the ecology of the country. This is also a helping hand in the improvement of quality for all people in the supply chain making the products. Ultimately we are trying to make this earth a cleaner, less hazardous and safer place to dwell.


Bespoke Baby Gifts

Bespoke Baby Gifts supports organic cotton because soft natural fabric, free from toxic chemicals and irritants is best for baby’s delicate skin.


OP Tiger

We support the sustainable textile industry by supplying organic t-shirts and by being the one of the first textile printers in Middle Europe to pride itself with GOTS certified printing!



We have joined the Cotton Club to give you the choice of organic... the better way of life.



Ecooutfitters believe that ethically, sustainably produced, chemical free fabrics are important for the wellbeing of our children and our planet. Our school uniforms are made from 100% organic cotton certified by GOTS.


The Organic Company 

We want to unite ecology, design and quality in one product and bring ecology into more homes by making organic cotton products more exquisite and attractive. It is our philosophy that design and efficient business management should go hand in hand together with the responsibility for workers and nature.


Organic Textiles Australia 

Organic Textiles Australia proudly manufactures and supplies GOTS certified organic cotton bed linen and towelling which is all made in India. To share the GOTS ethos with current and future generations especially in regard to the correct manner of growing and manufacturing textiles that is not in any way harmful to the earth or the end user is a privilege.



With Rawganic organic cotton wipes you benefit from the softness and strength of cotton whilst respecting the environment and avoiding aggressive chemicals. Organic cotton is produced in a way that is more natural and sustainable.



Sustainability and responsibility does not exclude comfortable and stylish underwear - this is what our own GOTS and Fairtrade labeled brand comazo|earth shows. First certified in 2009 we are still the biggest buyer in Germany of fairtrade organic cotton for the production of underwear.


Hard Core Soft Paw

We want to insure that our clothing is sustainable and avoids the negative impacts of non-organic cotton production on the people and communities that produce it. That's why we choose organic cotton.


Zeme Organics

Žemė means 'goddess of the earth' according to Latvian and Lithuanian mythology. Offering and encouraging people to wear organic clothes is our way of contributing to help reduce ground water pollution and green house effects so that mother earth can breathe easy.


I Wear Me

I Wear Me is an eco-fashion brand delivering creative, unique and green fashion to you. At I Wear Me, we proudly support organic cotton. Organic cotton is free from harmful chemicals and pesticides. Our t-shirts are made from certified organic cotton. This is how we strive to save our planet and its people.


Uni & Jack

Uni and Jack supports organic cotton in children's underwear because it is kind to wildlife, kind to farmers, kind to skin, kind to children, kind to the planet, and definitely kind of nice!


A Blues Clothing
We manufacture 100% organic cotton products as per the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and we are helping to save our earth from pollution.



We are convinced that better ingredients translates to better living. That is why we only use 100% GOTS certified organic cotton in our towelettes. Mendill's ultra-versatile single sachets of wellness can be used at any time, in any place, and are suitable for all ages and life stages, including babies and during pregnancy.


Kinder Organic

Kinder Organic support the Soil Association and GOTS because we share their values and their vision for a greener future. Organic cotton is great for children, the environment and for the workers. We are committed to spreading the word by selecting only the very best certified organic products for your child.

Mantis World

Mantis World are committed to constantly increasing our use of GOTS® certified organic cotton. It's both natural and renewable whilst avoiding harmful pesticides and chemical fertilisers and considered to be one of the most sustainable fibres for textile manufacturing. Organic cotton garments are better for the environment, better for the textile workers, better for the farmers and better for you.


Peridot Place's mission is to inspire people to live more consciously and help them create their own stylish and comfortable homes with products that are design led, support a fair society, a healthy lifestyle and are made in harmony with nature. Organic cotton is perfectly aligned with this ethos since it is free of harmful pesticides and insecticides and better for people’s health, wildlife and the environment.


Green Shirts focuses on innovative designs and eco-fashion for fair prices. Our collection ranges from printed and blank t-shirts, v-neck shirts, sweatshirts to hoodies and zippers for men and women. The designs are created by talented European artists which are available in limited and partner editions. Our new online shop presents the latest collection with new designers, partners and new cuts and clothing for every season.


Elkie & Ark

We wanted to create not just the best product but with the least harm too. The GOTS we believe is the highest standard, helping us to not just remove dangerous chemicals from our supply chains, but to truly combat broader environmental and human rights issues too.


Organic cotton is a natural fabric that is soft and gentle on babies’ delicate skin. Safe, environmentally conscious and the best for little ones’ hands down!


Naturepedic is dedicated to well-being, both to people and to our planet. We use GOTS certified organic cotton and organic wool. Our products, and our entire company, supports healthier homes, farms, soil and planet.


  Logo - Marks & Spencer

Organic cotton products are popular with our customers and play a key part in helping us achieve our ambitious sustainable cotton goals.



We champion sustainable fashion at ASOS. Organic cotton plays a vital role and we are proud and committed to sourcing brands that understand the rising importance of sourcing cotton grown without pesticides and chemicals. We engage our customers by highlighting such brands and products through our Green Room product platform.



 C&A  supports organic cotton cultivation since it delivers a clear environmental benefit, healthier farming communities, and the chance to involve our consumers in their own sustainability journey. 


Logo - Green Nippers

Green Nippers chooses organic to avoid alarming environmental and social consequences.


Logo - Greenfibres

We have supported organic cotton since 1996 because we feel it empowers consumers to bring about real change, helps farmers in all kinds of ways, and saves the planet from unnecessary toxic chemicals.


Logo - Seasalt

Seasalt were the first fashion company to achieve Soil Association certification in 2005, and have been committed to using organic cotton where ever possible ever since.


Logo - Frugi

Frugi wholeheartedly believe in the use of organic cotton. All Frugi clothes are GOTS certified and made to the highest ethical standards. Any efforts to promote the use of organic cotton we, of course, fully support.


Logo - Fou Furnishings

We support organic to promote a sustainable supply chain: one which is economically viable, socially just and environmentally sound for all those involved.


Logo - Bhumi

Bhumi is committed to protecting the world we live in so we will only ever use 100% organic cotton certified by Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). It's good for the people and good for the planet.


Logo - Hemp Age

Because it is one of the important steps to save our planet!


Logo - Natracare

Natracare supports organic cotton because we believe it to be a healthier, safer and a more ethical and sustainable choice.


Logo - Jackpot

Organically grown fibres are key in order to protect both farmers and the environment against harmful chemicals.


Logo - Lichtschatz

You are seriously asking why organic and why GOTS? Because we only have one planet! Be Cottoned on - Lichtschatz has supported GOTS and the Soil Association for more than two decades, and we are proud of it - with a strong conviction.


Logo - Faiss

We want to preserve environmental resources by using organic cotton and sustainable processing and support and observe humane production conditions by using human resources.


Logo - Lana Bambini

We are deeply concerned about the heavy use of pesticides and toxic chemicals by the textiles industry; oppressive and dangerous conditions for farmers and workers; and the throwaway culture that sees landfills bursting with cheap, low quality clothing. Switching to organic cotton is essential in order to break this destructive cycle.


Logo - Dot and co

We support organic cotton for its environmental benefits, as well as being super soft and friendly to the skin.


Logo - Morgenstern

We see our motto 'Naturally only the best' being achieved with GOTS. It is personally important to us that our products are manufactured without any harmful substances and in an environmentally friendly way. We like the strict and comprehensive inspections at every step of the supply chain. This ensures that the products really correspond to GOTS. We will continue to rely on GOTS.


Logo - Bill, Bill & Bill

I use GOTS certified organic cotton only. This is my contribution to positively influence the quality of life of cotton farmers and our environment.


Logo - Dunque by Schweikardt Moden

We have been pioneers in the processing of natural fibres since 1988. We have been using organic cotton for many years and it underscores the joie de vivre of our high quality products.


Logo - Naturalmente by Schweikardt Moden

Our second brand was successfully introduced into the market in 2010. We continuously try to extend our percentage of organic cotton in the textile market.


Logo - Herka Frottier

Our children and grandchildren should still have those resources necessary for their basic needs.


Logo - Dibella

We use hotel linen made from controlled organic cotton (GOTS) as we want to sustainably improve the environmental and living conditions of small scale farmers in developing countries. At the same time the consumer can be sure to have a product free of toxic substances.


Logo - Mudis

We have been consistently working with organic materials for 20 years. The GOTS standard supports our philosophy.


Logo - Chochuri

Honestly, the tree-hugging people with their whole-grain muesli and their 'nuclear power - no thanks' sticker - turns out, they were kind of right! Chochuri - eco fashion design for men!


Logo - Lanateam

LANA processes 100% certified organic cotton and wool from controlled biological livestock. It is the contribution of a successful company, to improve the quality of life of people in the producer countries.


Logo - Shirtworks

Shirtworks works hard to maintain the strict GOTS and Soil Association standards to be a fully accredited screenprinting and embroidery company.


Logo - Ajna Organic

Everyone working with textiles knows how harmful and dangerous the production and treatment of conventional fibres are for people and the environment. To be 100% behind our products with pure conviction it was a logical consequence for us to use GOTS certified organic cotton. Better for the environment and people.


Logo - Hefel Textil

We use organic cotton because we believe in sustainability. We feel that as a company we have a kind of responsibility with regard to the environment as well as to the people involved in the production of the finest fabric. We were the first to introduce organic cotton in the bedding sector in 1996 and still we feel very enthusiastic about being part of the environmentally friendly movement.


Logo - I am greeny

An eco-friendly brand providing green apparel choices for a sustainable future. Choosing organic cotton goes beyond any fabric, benefitting the environment and society. Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified clothing ensures its organic status with strict compliance to environmental and social guidelines in all the processes involved in textile processing.



At LIV we believe organic agriculture sustains the earth, farmers and consumers. 


Burgess Beds

Burgess Beds are proud to use organic cotton to help make a cleaner and healthier sleep product as well as protecting the planet. 



Voya are committed to providing truly organic health and beauty products. We use organic cotton for our muslin cloths and muslin sheets used in many of our spa treatments.


Blu Blu

We certify all our products with organic certification from GOTS and the Soil Association to ensure that our children's clothes do not contain harmful chemicals. 


AD ecotextile 

AD ecotextile choose to work with organic cotton projects supporting farmers and protecting the environment. Our goal is to increase the share of organic certified textiles in the Nordic countries through education, lectures and trading with organic certified textiles.


Do u speak green

We use organic cotton as it is grown without the use of pesticides and chemicals and it is soft on the skin.



Why we use organic cotton: we hope that Cotonea is a benefit for all - for our customers, for the cotton farmers and their families, for the people involved in the production and administration and ultimately for us, the owners. We want to help ensure that the knowledge of ecological interrelations is maintained and shared, so that the proportion of organically produced cotton increases. 



Since 2004 Loomstate has been a proud supporter of 100% certified organic cotton, toxic-free farming, shared value programs, and sustainable communities.



Organic cotton is our first choice as a company committed fully to sustainable products and practices. We process organic cotton that is a healthy choice for our consumers and supporting livelihoods of 30,000 farmers in our local community.



Ecooutfitters believe that ethically, sustainably produced, chemical free fabrics are important for the wellbeing of our children and our planet. Our school uniforms are made from 100% organic cotton certified by GOTS.


Bio Inspecta 

We support the sustainable development of farms and companies and strengthen their market position. Our services including GOTS inspection and certification stand for quality, reliability and customers' benefit.


Imago Dei

Imago Dei is a premium lifestyle brand that offers gorgeous organic garments for little ones. We're committed to providing a positive impact to families and the environment by using the finest organic materials and by inspiring one mind at a time with our positively-branded and easy-to-wear garments.


Harmony Art 

Harmony Art exists for one purpose: to inspire environmental and social change through creative and sustainable product lines. GOTS certified fabrics align perfectly with our mission. 


Boys & Girls 

We choose to use only organic cotton because it is the right thing to do; for the environment and everyone that comes into contact with the cotton along the supply chain from grower to consumer. 


Organic Cotton Plus

We're strong supporters in spreading the word on organic textiles, and GOTS as the standard! 


Spectrum International

Spectrum stands for sustainable - with a vision of a greener organic tomorrow. GOTS translates this vision in a concrete manner for our clients. There is no other organic textile standard with such wide acceptance in the industry today. 


MAL Germany 

GO for GOTS: Right from the beginning our main focus is on sustainability, environment and social aspects. GOTS certification program covers the entire value chain. GOTS certified MAL mattress and sleep products guarantee our customers environmental friendly and fair organic products. 


Organic Handkerchiefs Company 

For The Organic Handkerchiefs Company, organic cotton is important because it helps to save the trees. Organic cotton is a sustainable, re-usable, chemical free product that can be washed, dried and used again. A tree can only be cut down once. 




EARTHEREAL™ is a Norwegian clothing brand that offers 100% Organic (GOTS) and Fairtrade-certified T-shirts with our own innovative and creative artworks. We believe that true creativity must be a labour of love - so we put the Organic Farming practices of GOTS at the very heart of our business, giving our mother earth the love, respect and attention she deserves, while spreading important environmental and ethical awareness within the generally unclean and unfair clothing industry.



Organic, to support life forms, in the most sustainable manner, so that you have the most sound sleep tonight!



We’ve been supporting organic cotton since the first redurchin collection was launched in 2012, because we are committed to producing clothing in a socially and environmentally responsible way that safeguards all our children’s futures.


Lendemain Organic support organic cotton as we want to take care of the nature we're all a part of.


BAST chooses organic cotton to protect the people and the environment.


SIGHTMODE supports organic cotton to ensure environmentally responsible production for to the soil and the people.


The use of organic cotton underscores the brand's natural and simple ethos. It’s a simple idea with a huge impact and we want to be able to accelerate it in our own way.


It is our responsibility to provide a transparent supply chain, ensuring we utilise only sustainable growing practices, with safe working environments for the farmers, all while protecting our customers and our precious, precious planet.

Organic cotton production is the best way of reducing the industry’s impact on the planet’s resources, wildlife and people. Let’s make a difference.


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